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Minimal Makeup Hacks!

Learn how to do your makeup using only 4 products!

Why would you want to do this? Well, I'm currently writing this during our Covid lock down and I know personally, I'm not doing all the steps for my makeup routine. In addition, how many of us with little ones really have time to get out all of our products? Half the time, my daughter is trying to take my makeup and apply it to herself! Or maybe you forgot your blush or maybe you are trying to be more eco-conscious by cutting down on what you buy (the beauty industry is responsible for massive amounts of waste each year). Many of our makeup items are repackaged and advertised for different purposes but really they are the same product!

What I'm going to teach you is how to do a full face of makeup using only foundation, lipstick, brown shadow (contour/bronzer or eye shadow) and mascara. Yes, you can do a full face- even eyeliner and brows) with just that!



L'Oreal Infallible Foundation*

No Color Powder

Maybelline Lipstick* *The one I used in the video is from a professional lipstick palette but these are my favorite drugstore lipsticks!

Makeup Geek Bronzer


Real Techniques Sponge*

Real Techniques Brush Set*

Eco Tools Eye Brushes*


Garnier Micellar Water*

Dermalogica Multi Active Toner

Links provided with "*" are affiliated links. This means I receive a commission when you purchase through the link but these are all products I use and love!

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