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About our service...

We figured out how to provide a high quality stream for your guests, so you don't have to. Our $350 standard service includes:

  • Video capture with a high quality video camera - not just a phone or laptop webcam

  • Audio capture with professional-grade audio equipment to ensure your guests feel like they are sitting in the front row

  • Complete set-up and operation of a Zoom meeting for up to 500 guests, including a PDF document you can send to guests with information on how to join.

  • Recording of the Zoom video and archiving of the chat so you can save the messages from your digital guests

  • PLUS! You get a high quality recording straight from the camera sent to you at no additional charge!

Depending on your setup requirements, additional features can be added for a nominal cost. Inquire for more details. 


You don't have to be there...
        to be there...

At the request of our clients, Denise Marie Beauty and Virtual Wedding Services has added ceremony live streaming to its catalog of products.
In this challenging time, whether due to social distancing requirements or travel restrictions, it is not always possible for us to have everyone with us to celebrate our special day. 

We are proud to offer a high-quality, reliable, affordable option for live ceremony video streaming in the Orlando area.

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